Thursday, August 19, 2010

❤ Introduction

Ah~ Like the Piggy says "Hi~!!". I'm new here to Blogger so I wanted to post an Intro thing I guess. I'm here cause I had a old blog that was on a gaming site but I quit. So I quit that blog. It had 110 posts & 16.5k views. :| But yeah, I wanted to Blog about my life somewhat. So here I am~ I plan to blog here about: My Life, Me Surviving High school, Me Deciding on a Future Career, Movies & Music, >__< & Other things that I can't think of now. You know Teenage junk~ Oh~!! As of now, I still don't own a Digital Camera sadly~ So in November I might post pictures. (: Or when I get a new phone. Anywho~ I have this bad habit of ranting sometimes. So yeah, my bad~ I know people hate reading super looong posts. >____< So I'll just posts about me later on. I hope you guys might enjoy reading my blog~!!



  1. Heyy! :) That must've been like REALLY hard leaving that blog, I'm kind of doing the same blog as you, but with added fashion! :) I'm your newest and first follower <3

  2. Katie: Hi there~!! :D Ty for being my 1st follower~!! I'll try my best to post awesome entries. & Yeah, it was hrad. But it was something I had to do. Oh & I will check out your blog ASAP <3 - lalalalowlife❤

  3. :) I'm sure they'll all be awesome! Thanks for your comment too! :) xx

  4. Interested to follow along... your profile rant has me curious.

  5. Katie: Aw, Tysm~ & Np :)

    Lauren: Tysm for being my 2nd follower :D

    Jodiee: Ty~!! I love yours too~!!

    - lalalalowlife❤


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