Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sweet Sixteen.

Mwhuhaha ! !
Today iHave ultimately been alive of sixteen years. S E I Z E, 열여섯, kumi na sita ~
My family really is not big on celebrations so this year nothing happened.
My little siblings though planned a mini party this morning.
Really I knew they were but I only got up becuase they sent a threat.
Yes, a threat.
So here iWas reading some book and iJust hear the door open and something clunking.
When iLook my sister has got up and there is a potato wrapped with paper and curly string on her lap.
> ______ >
The paper said " COME OUT NOW ". So iGot up and they had a cake.
It was so sweet of them to do ~

Wherewolves - Sweet Sixteen

The only main thing iSomewhat am looking up to is Thanksgiving.
iWill finally be re-united with my grandmama and iMight get a Kindle.
> : D So crossing my fingers about it.

iGuess I'm staring my 2012 bucket list early ~
Before iTurn 17, iWant to write and publish a YA book.
iHave endless ideas of what to write and now iPlan to finally put them together.
Even if it might be far-fetched iWant to atleast have a basis for a book.

That wuld be it then.
iNeed to go pump my stomach because I've eaten too many taco's in the past hour.
iNever knew iWould, finally, get sick of them.
: (

Well to end this on a good note:
Have a lovely day : D

Sixteen is a milestone, your life is just beginning.

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