Thursday, May 15, 2014

farewell, indian summer.

Autumn is long gone but the heat remaining in the last day of November has resurfaced. Spring of 2014 in Southern California is no ordinarily time period. Unlike many years before in the Los Angeles area it is unreasonably hot. 102 degree highs and 80 degree lows is what we're having right now -- but, wait, pause... This is not a weather blog. It, though rather lame, is my introduction to my reemergence. (By the way: Like always, I am not sure how often I will blog after this yet I feel that I will be trying harder to keep up.)

Similar to the suffocating heat plaguing SoCal (L.A., Southern California) right now the thought of blogging has been reoccurring since my last post. I did, in truth, forget about this blog. A high school senior, now, I have been faced with scholarships, college application, extra-curricular activities, leadership positions, stress, stress, and more stress. And, I focused so much on all this because it is those activities that have put me where I am today. What I I pushed ahead of my passion for blogging at its height is what has given me a stable present. (Holla, at a valedictorian and full-ride undergraduate student.) So, please, bear with me in bringing you all to speed with me in the past year so that I don't sporadically mention things later on that no one will recollect:


In this past year, a lot has happened. I visited South Korea, Maine, Ohio, Iowa, Northern California, and I'm hoping for more places by the end of 2014. I have applied to 30 schools -- rejected from five, no decision from two, wait-listed from three (Brown, Amherst, Williams), and accepted to 20 (including USC and UCLA). Ultimately, I have committed to the University of California Berkeley as a Regents' scholar, a distinction given to the top 1.5% of applicants and I will be graduating as first my high school class. I also have contributed to the Huffington Post Teen, Her Campus, and MTV. #productivity

I did miss blogging but experiencing this all came before sitting down  to write. In not writing I realized the importance in just admiring where you are in a moment; but, I also have realized that sometimes taking time to document will preserve memories for the future.

Expect me to document my college experience in these next four years at Cal. I may not note everything but I will be sure to keep you all at my side as I start a new chapter of my life. With thirty four days until my graduation I am becoming more nostalgic for the past and more invested in preserving what is happening now. I will share my upcoming Prom, Graduation, and whatever I can spend time to discuss on the way.

Go Bears and Always Yours,

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