Monday, August 12, 2013

the last summer.

     Toes tangled in the sand as the waves teasingly kiss the shoreline. Hair tossed by the wind as you speed down abandoned highways. Teenage laughter heard in the distance, a clear indicator of one too many drinks. Alarm clocks boxed, hidden away until the next season. Summer, summer, summer: one of the best, sometimes the only time we can get away from it all and just live. Unless of course you are, or were, taking classes like me.

     Classes + Summer Break = <your own interpretation>. Haha, though this is my last high-school summer vacation and I spent it completing academically rigorous work I still don't regret my decision. Everyone hates working deep down but it's enjoyable when your're growing as an individual from it. It may have been seven weeks of assignments, but it was also seven weeks of memories, of free knowledge (and food), of improving myself. Also, the classes were held at the University of Southern California (USC, USC, USC~) so.....

     Despite me spending seven weeks in lecture halls and classrooms, I still have twenty three days left of break left. Beach time? Not really. Things that come in hand with the last summer include: AP homework, college entrance exam studying, college applications, scholarships, etc. Thus I will still be able to enjoy myself but it will have to be while I'm reading The Kite Runner. (Which isn't all that bad actually.)

    I guess a California perk is that I have a good selection of places to go and still be productive; but, anyone can do that anywhere so I'm being a total American/Los-Angelino. 미안합니다! (Sorry!) So , the point is, now I'm just trying to balance all I have to finish in the next three weeks while having fun (and blogging more frequently). Thank you to all 140 of you who still have subscribed to my blog throughout these past two inactive years. I'm trying now to get to reading and checking up on all of you since I'm 24 months behind. Leave me a comment of how you've been doing if you can too!

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