Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Kind of a Funny Story

Everything is always hard to put into words.

iReally have been needing a change here and so iChanged something: the Header ~ ヽ(;▽;)ノ
iHope you all like it as much as iDo currently. Gosh, What have you all been up to currently ? iHave been lost in my own mind, at the hospital, & in school. So iHaven't been on the inter-web for quite a full while, excuse my absences.

Um ~ iJust finished reading IKOAFS by Ned Vizzini and iThink its brilliant. It gave me a new perspective about life and the meaning is still sinking in. Ah, I'm trying to start writing and blogging again; but, I get blocks every-time iTouch a computer device. So I'm trying to try my best.

My AP classes and activites are dominating all my time now. iHave a interview tomorrow and AP Study sessions after-school on Wed, Thu, & Fri. : D They're fun but iDon't enjoy walking home around 5. Oh, I'm applying for this 3 day program at UCSB (which seems amazing). So I'm trying to finish up my personal statement because theirs a few weeks left. iReally want it to be moving so I can be accepted, so its getting my full attention today. (I've read some really tear-jerking ones so it's quite hard with my own topic.)

So that would be it. iHope you all have lovely Valentine's Day tomorrow.

“She’s never where she is,” I said. 
“She’s only inside her head.”
— White Oleander

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