Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Time continues to advance and, still, I don't know what to make out of this situation; but, I feel that the universe is speaking to me about this new year and I am going to try to shape sense to this experience by sharing it: I wanted to end 2014 by the ocean -- it just felt right/fitting/perfect -- and so I spent much of December 31st seaside. However, this decision lead to me losing my cell phone, again -- this time due to my sister dropping it into a rock cavern that, in retrospect, we should have not scaled to begin with. Despite of desperate search for over a few hours, I was unable to find my iPhone within the darkness of the small cave. Nevertheless, on New Year's, I returned. Though, the previous day, hours were spent in vain, within minutes on 1/1/15 my iPhone was recovered -- and, I am still taken aback that I was able to retrieve it (note: it does not work though). Luck? Karma? I have far from a solid idea; yet, I know that it, that this, is something because, realistically, rising waves should have pulled my phone deeper into the cave and into the ocean; but, in reality, my phone stayed in place. For myself, 2014 was a year void of purpose and effort -- reflected in my actions in pursuit of my expensive phone (which I have no materialistic connect to but a monetary relation) in this moment and during this summer; moreover, in my academic attitude at the end of senior year forward to my first semester of college . I anticipated this apathy during the year and I am conforming it now. However, I hope for the opposite 2015. I aim to be more present emotionally, academically, and physically throughout this year and I apologize for my past actions. A few of the many lessons learned I have learned in 2014 that I will apply as I enter 2015 are: (i) Stop scaling objects for pictures. (ii) Stop losing my phone/electronics/possessions. (iii) Stop stepping away before making an attempt. 

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